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Exchange Club Overview

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Cost: $120 annual membership, $15.95 per month for 3 months Number of Listings: 40,000
Second Listing Cost: $50 Number of Pictures: Unlimited including captions
Year Founded: 1992 Reverse Search: Yes
Country Where Based: USA Open Site: No
Help To Traders: The ABCs of Home Exchange including sample letters and agreements, Home exchange insurance Rentals: Yes
Visible Member Contact Information: None Guarantees: One year free if no exchange
Updated: Last update on each listing Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese
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Guarantees can range from money back to a free second year if no exchange made. Many agencies require proof of attempt to arrange an exchange.
If an agency includes rentals, it is best if they can be sorted out in a search for home exchange listings. Some agencies have separate rental sites; some allow rentals only if an exchange home is listed.
Number of Pictures:
This refers to the number of pictures that the agency permits its members to upload. We have alsocombed each agency to estimate the percentage of listings that have pictures. (A low number mayindicates lower copmmittment).
Help to Traders:
Almost all agencies have at least an FAQ to help users understand the site. Some have very detailed forms and information to help their members have a smooth exchange. In addition, some are very customer service oriented.
Country Where Based:
Often a home swap club that originates in a certain country will have the most listings in that country. To find out for sure, use our Country Listings.
Year Founded:
Some exchangers feel that an agency that has been in business for a lengthy period of time will be more reliable. This is not always true.
Second Listing Cost:
An important factor if you have a second home. There are a wide range of costs, although some agencies include more than one listing in the enrollemnt cost.

Reverse Search:
Search to find swappers who are interested in coming to your location. Using this option can narrow your search considerably.
Contact Information:
A few clubs show all contact information to visitors. Most either show information (in varying amounts)to members or use a form in which no information is revealed.
Number of Listings:
This refers to the number of home exchange listings only. Many clubs have larger memberships that include rental listings. Other clubs offer lifetime or two year memberships.
Open Site:
Allows nonmembers to contact members, even if they have no listing with the club. In a closed site only members can contact other members.
Most clubs charge by the year; however some have varying fees. Other clubs only offer longer or shorter periods of time. See details.
The currency of a listing is important. Some clubs list the enrollment or expiration date, others list the newest listings on the home page and still others have no indication of the age of the listing.