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What is Vacation Home Exchange

Vacation home exchange, also known as home swap, is the ideal way to save money while traveling. Using the database of a home exchange organization, travelers find a partner for a mutual exchange of homes for an agreed period of time. This idea has been around since the 1950s; evolving from a catalogue based system to an almost exclusively web based one. Home exchanges are not just limited to houses; apartments, boats and even mobile homes are swappable.

There are many varieties on the home exchange theme. Most swaps are done simultaneously, where exchange partners stay in each other's home at the same time. Some are non-simultaneous, which are most likey to occur when exchangers have a second or vacation home. Home exchanges are often arranged for vacations, which are usually long weekends or up to two or three weeks (month for Europeans). However, exchanges can take place for a myriad of reasons: wedding, visiting sick person in hospital, thinking of moving to an area etc.

Some other options are: hospitality exchange, in which travelers stay in the home of another person or house-sitting. Most of the time the arrangements are made by the traders, though some of the sites assist in arranging a trade.

A growing trend in the home exchange industry is the Luxury Exchange. These exchanges specialize in high end homes, charge a higher fee, and often offer additional services.

The home exchange industry has been steadily growing since the advent of the internet, but it has experienced exponential expansion in the past year.

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